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Bristol - March 24th

I have been to Bristol a few times but do not know it well. I had the wonderful company of my friends Emma and Giselle. Prior to my visit I was lucky to connect with some of today's inspirational Bristolian women and discover more about the history and the fantastic work that's going on in Bristol today. I spoke to authors Jane Duffus and Lucienne Boyce . Penny Gane , Chair of Bristol Women's Voice and Ellie Vowels , Coordinator - Bristol Women's Voice. Thank you, all of you, for taking the time to talk to me. Clutching the map from 'The Bristol Suffragettes' by Lucienne Boyce , an e-map from Jane Duffus (author of 'The Women who built Bristol') and Emma's local knowledge we alighted at Bristol Temple Meads with a plan and much anticipation. First stop was Harts Bakery. Although not  suffragette related it was full of delicious cakes. We settled in to plot our course and soon, we too were full of delicious cakes. (It is well documented that suf